A New Career Perspective on Success
A New Career Perspective on Success

Most people have suffered a "case of the Mondays." It's a well-understood term that encapsulates the feeling of being dragged back into work on Monday morning.

Instead of accepting this feeling as just another part of being gainfully employed, many are focusing on career development to turn their everyday jobs into a career they enjoy coming in to. From meditation to redefining success, professionals across the spectrum weigh in on how to break the trend of "the Mondays."

A Matter of Perspective

Before embarking on a path to combat the grinding struggle to make it through the week, it's important to consider the impact of perspective. Eventually, some significant career change may have to take place but first, it's important to identify where exactly the "Monday blues" come from.

According to a study published by the Journal for Positive Psychology, having a "case of the Mondays" could better be described as having a "case of the weekdays" (except Friday). The study found that negative feelings about returning to work were no worse on Monday than any other weekday, excluding Friday, when subjects tended to be happier and less stressed.

That being said, much of the "Monday blues" has to do with perception and apprehension. Many may perceive they are less happy on Mondays particularly because the relaxing mood of the weekend is now over. Feeling better about returning to work on Monday may thus be as simple as changing perceptions of what Monday means in regard to the rest of the week. Instead of looking at it as the end to the relaxing weekend, Mondays could be seen as a chance for a fresh start for the upcoming week.

More than A Feeling

Sometimes the apprehension felt on Sundays and Mondays is more than "just a feeling." Many times those feelings of apprehension can actually be anxiety or even depression related to workplace issues. These issues can range from feeling stagnant in a particular career path to disagreements in the workplace.

When this is the case, activities to de-stress the weekday and slowly dissociate Mondays with negative feelings, like yoga or meditation are especially helpful. However, feelings of workplace-related anxiety and depression should never be taken lightly. In addition to seeking a doctor (if needed), these feelings should be a sign that career changes are needed and an opportunity to seek career advice.

Reclaim "Success": Millennial Career Coach, Chris Castillo Weighs in

Making career moves and other job-related changes are especially terrifying but luckily career professionals, like Chris Castillo are there to help every step of the way. Whether it's braving the "Sunday Scaries," a bad "case of the Mondays" or general feelings of career stagnation, millennial career coach, Chris Castillo handles it all. She's the founder of a career coaching and development company called Empowered Achievers that focuses specifically on helping professional, driven women create careers that they actually love.

Castillo's background was originally in corporate advertising, working with well-known clients like Google, YouTube, & Expedia. Soon she found that she was more interested in talent development and culture so she worked to transform her career into something she loved and was passionate about. With that kind of background, Castillo has a unique advantage since she can sympathize with the struggle of crafting a career that feels more like a passion than a chore.

Today she helps companies and individuals find their niche and passion through corporate training and her own custom coaching program. In fact, her articles can be found in publications like Thrive Global or featured on sites like Business News Daily and Hello Giggles.

The Problem With "Success"

Although her focus is on driven career women, her advice is highly relatable and transcends age and gender. Concepts like preventing burn out, finding a job you love and avoiding the pitfall of perfectionism are relevant to a wide audience.

One of her very popular concepts is the idea of redefining success. After all, there's a common belief that one can either be successful in their career or happy with their career but generally not both. Many times the stress of coming into work on Monday is centered around the unhappiness and stagnation that people feel since their idea of success is totally disconnected from doing something that makes them happy.

Mondays: Not so Bad After All?


Statistically, Mondays may not be much worse than other weekdays but experiencing "Sunday Scaries" or a "case of the Mondays" points to a larger problem, usually career stagnation. To combat stagnation and other feelings of job-related stress understanding the source of anxiety and unhappiness at work is the first step. The second is finding support to craft a career that's enjoyable to come in to every day and what better place to start than with a successful career coach?

Those interested in learning more about Chris Castillo and her tailored career advice, can watch her short video or visit her site!